Welcome to Tempelgården - an oasis in an unique environment in Visingsö!


Come to Tempelgården and experience the environment with unique houses from five centuries, stroll around in the area and contemplate the sculptures that Olle Krantz have made. Visit the Temple with an art exhibition by Olle Krantz who was the man and artist that founded this area. Tempelgården is in whole the creation of this mans creation. The Visingsö artist Olle Krantz, (1906-1999), fulfilled his dream to create a artist village for everyone to enjoy. It took him many years and hard work and the result is a place that does not look like anything else.

Wonderful old houses in all shapes, the art gallery in the Temple from1913, sculptures in the beautiful park, oil paintings, cherry & apple trees. When you visit us you will know more about Olle Krantz and the art pieces he have created, but also about the history behind Madam Tingley who was one of the main figures of the Theosophic and the originator of the Temple. You will find more information about Tempelgården and its surroundings above on this page. Welcome! 

Map over the area:

1. Our Cabins

2. Cafe & Reception

3. The Temple

4. Sculpture Park

TEMPELGÅRDEN  563 94 Visingsö  070-635 83 66  info@tempelgarden.com